How do you charge for your trade show work?  I charge by the day. I send one invoice for everything–performance fee, expenses, etc.

Does it matter how big our booth is?  No.  I’ve worked every sized booth possible. Naturally, larger booths require more planning.

How far will you travel?  I will travel anywhere in the United States.

Can you customize a script to fit our product and service?  Yes. That’s the most important service I provide. I work with you to write a casual script. There is no need for me to deliver the script word-for-word script. I need to know the “bullet points” and benefits of your product.

Do you do shows other than trade shows?  Yes. I have done nearly every type of magic show possible. Trade shows and sales meetings are just a niche that I have developed. If you are in the Lafayette, Indiana area and need a local show, I can do that, too.

Can you use our product in your act?  Yes. In many cases I can actually use the product in the show. In other cases, I can talk about the product and display it during the show.

Can you send us short bio and introduction?   Mark Brandyberry has been a professional magician for most of his life.  After graduating from Purdue University and Chavez College of Magic and Prestidigitation Mark moved to Los Angeles where he began is professional career.  Mark has entertained audiences all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

In 1990 Mark created Show & Tell Marketing, a company dedicated to using magic and humor to promote and sell products for customers who exhibited at national trade shows and sales events.  His work at Show & Tell Marketing enhanced his storytelling and sales skills, and he has the experience of 500 trade shows on his resume.  He has represented Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Procter & Gamble, Infor, Sandisk, Bayer and Clorox.

Would you, please, welcome Mark Brandyberry!

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