“Mark, you are the person who makes the difference between a successful show and regular everyday show.” Tim Good; Goodyear Tire and Rubber

“Dollar for dollar this was the best ad money we have ever spent.” Charlie Collins; Pinnacle Oil, Inc.

“Mark is a very talented magician and entertainer. He knows how to integrate your product into his act, and how to draw a crowd. He is a lot of fun to work with and produces results. We will continue to use him as part of our trade show marketing efforts.”  Drew Wilson; ECOM

“Booth traffic was at an all time high this year.” J. Daniel Silk; Georgia-Pacific

“Mark is a professional. He quickly learned the features and benefits of our highly technical product line and skillfully wove then into his act, reeling customers into our exhibit in droves. ROI for trade shows can be difficult to measure however, Mark had such a positive impact on our results, that we have hired him for the show every year since and have utilized his talents for a variety of other trade shows as well.” Gordon Morrison; Bayer Environmental Science

“…if it were up to me, you would be working for us!!!” Noreen Comerford; Alfa Laval

” Mark’s great demeanor and communications skills make him a welcome compliment to any customer event. Our clients simply love him!”  Audia Felzien; TriCom Marketing

“Mark, you made an ordinary day extraordinary.” Rebecca R. McQuern; Caterpillar Public Affairs

“Mark, the effectiveness of your presentation can be documented by the order total and the interest expressed by the trade show visitors and competitors alike.” Lee Luft; General Manager, Traex

Sampling of Customers



Goodyear Tire and Rubber

Procter & Gamble





Sampling of Trade Shows

National Restaurant Show (NRA)

NACS (Convenience Store Show)

IMTS (Intl. Machine Tool Show)



Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


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