Dave Sattler–the Normal Rockwell of Lafayette

Mark Brandyberry; Dave Sattler illustration

Dave Sattler is a fine friend of mine.  Dave’s father sold me my first business cards when I was 13 and beginning my magic business.  Since then Dave has inherited Lafayette Printing, but he is also known as a premier illustrator and cartoonist.  He will read the title of this blog and cringe.  “…the Norman Rockwell of Lafayette?  Are you kidding me?”  I can hear him now.  I would argue that Dave has captured the thoughts, feelings and events of Greater Lafayette on his canvas for decades.  He has been the editorial cartoonist for the Lafayette Journal & Courier for nearly 40 years!  Every Sunday brings another editorial cartoon involving some event or controversy in our town.

A few years ago, I was surprised with a memorable gift.  Dave thanked me for a favor I had done for him.  I don’t even remember what the favor was, but I got the larger half of that deal.  Dave illustrated the fun cartoon you see above.  I’m flattered by the image, and I’m privileged to know one of the greatest:

story tellers


font experts

bee keepers

dinner bell salesmen

local historians

and friends

I will ever have.  Thank you, Dave Sattler!


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