The Best Customer Service Story in the World

My barber died last month. Joe Grimm had been my barber for nearly 20 years. My son and I visited him just a week before he died. I knew that day would be our last meeting, and he did too. Saying goodbye was tough. As I left I said, “You’d better get well soon or I’m going to get pretty shaggy looking.” Joe grinned widely and then gave me the finger. As irrasible as Joe Grimm was he is the subject of the best customer service story in the world.

One afternoon, Joe had an old man in his chair. When this old guy started to get out of his chair Joe called me over to help. His customer was so frail that he couldn’t remove himself from the barber’s chair without assistance. I helped Joe get the man to his feet, and the gentleman crept across to the door inch by inch. He could barely move his feet, and Joe continued to support him until he got to the door and left. I asked, “How is that old guy getting home?”

“Oh, he can drive. He just can’t walk.” Joe chuckled. He continued, “Do you have some time?”

“Sure. I’m in no hurry.”

Joe waited for the gentleman to drive out of the parking lot, and then hopped into his own car to follow the old man home. Alone in the store, I sat in the barber’s chair watching an episode of “Quincy.” After about 20 minutes Joe returned to say, “I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to that old guy. He shouldn’t be driving, but it’s all he has. I made sure he got home okay.”

After Joe cut my hair I paid him and got into my car. I sat there for many minutes thinking about what I had just seen.

The “Grimm Trim” is now owned by the woman who helped Joe in his last days. Joe gave her the shop. I’ll go to her for many, many years. I know that if I didn’t support his new owner Joe would return from the grave and give me the finger.

Customer service as defined by Joe Grimm, my barber.

Mark Brandyberry, CM

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