Mark Brandyberry Performs the Indian Rice Stabbing Illusion

I have been performing the Indian Rice Stabbing Illusion of decades now.  I have never seen it performed by anyone else, and, likely, I never will.  The trick is difficult to perform, risky and more of a stunt than an actual magic trick.  These issues conspire against the magician who hopes for a predictable crowd pleaser.  Each time I perform this trick I am amazed myself that it even works.  I’m relieved that it didn’t go wrong, and I am proud that I have the ingenuity to have made this a signature piece.

I just finished performing it again a couple hours ago.  The audience was a group of teens and teachers assembled for a team building conference.  I now believe, after several hundred performances, that this simple, primitive stunt is the best metaphor for team building I’ve seen.  Every piece of this puzzle tells a story.

When I finished the presentation today, I knew how blessed I have been to have come across this odd phenomenon that Eddie Joseph popularized many decades ago.   I’m relieved each time it goes off without a hitch.  I love elegant, thought provoking magic.  I love this trick.

Mark Brandyberry

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